Ridgeview Circle Homeowners Association

Architectural Approval Application


Mail, Fax or Deliver to:

HOA, c/o MJS Inc. at 4910 Trenholm Road, Suite C, Columbia, S.C.  29206

 Office hours: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Phone: (803) 743-0600

Fax: (803) 728-8785

                                                Email:  architecturalreview@mjsmgt.com

Before your application will be processed the application form must be properly completed with all pertinent information provided, all required drawings and documentation supplied and delivered to the Association at the address listed above.


Directions for Application:


The Declaration for the community requires that you obtain the approval of the Developer or the Review Authority, when empowered, (Authority) for the construction or placement of any “Structure” or for the modification of any existing Structure on you lot.  The Developer or Authority therefore has the authority to architecturally control all  “Structures” on your lot.  The term “Structure” is defined in the Declaration, but it basically includes your home or any sheds, driveways, fencing, statuary, etc. and any major landscape on your lot. Approval must be granted in writing prior to the commencement of construction or the delivery of materials for any Structure to be constructed (or if construction is not necessary, to the delivery of the Structure) to the lot. Should you have added a “Structure” to your lot without approval, it is in your best interest to request approval and note on the application that the “Structure” is already in place. In order for the Architectural Review Authority to review any request, all of the following information must be provided by you on or in addition to the attached application:


1)                  Your full name, the property address, your correct mailing address, correct contact phone and /or fax numbers to be used if there are questions.  (Please print all of this information clearly.)

2)                  Your lot # (if you do not know your lot number, please contact the Association at (803) 743-0600.)

3)                  A copy of your plat or survey (this should have been provided to you from the                closing) with the location of the addition or change drawn on the copy of the plat.

4)                  A complete written description of work to be completed.

5)                  A complete list of exterior materials to be used including colors (Example: Vinyl siding to match home, paint colors, shingle type and color to match roofing, lattice, screening, fencing materials etc.)

6)                  A photo of any structure that will be placed but not constructed on site (if available from the supplier) or a drawing or elevation of what you intend to add, construct or change.


Please be aware that upon receipt of your completed application and all required attachments, the Association will process your application and provide you with a response. Depending upon the committee’s schedule, this could take as much as two to four weeks.  The applicant listed on the form will be notified in writing of the results of the review upon its completion. Again, please remember that you must have approval to have materials or a Structure delivered, not just to begin construction. Please allow time for the process to be completed.