Ridgeview Circle Homeowners Association
Community Information
Richland County Solid Waste & Recycling will be completing inventory for recycle and garbage units.
Please have your respective units visible from street during the time frame on flyer. Once the stickers
have been applied, please return to the proper standard storage location. The proper storage location
is either behind privacy fence, in garage, or behind residence. All storage locations should
not be visible from street.

As homes/residence age, certain maintenance becomes necessary. If the following items have not been

completed and are required, please complete by dates for each item.

Pressure Washing for cleaning and/or mold removal - complete by 6/30/16

Painting trim and/or shutters - complete 8/31/16.

Anyone or any business is able to complete requested services; however business and contact information

is added below to assist with completing. Please submit additional companies to website to be added this list.

Referrals to complete services:

Fine-Line Painting, LLC
Marshall George
Owner and Operator

We are currently  in our active season (Spring/Summer), there are several violations that should be addressed.
This courtesy is being provided allow time for corrections to be made prior to violations being issued.
The following list is not all inclusive, but is the common violations that are currently identified.


* Yard Maintenance
* Improper Parking (On Lawn and In Roadway opposite direction, even on allowable space
  in available in Driveway). Note: Parking in Roadway to opposing traffic is a traffic violation
  and can result in receiving a violation from law enforcement.
* Improper Storage of Basketball Goals (Failure to store after use).
* Speeding and Disregarding posted traffic signs. Law Enforcement (RCSD) will increase
  presence in area and will issue violations accordingly.
Road Construction Projects
Good morning Community Leaders,

Please encourage our residents to find alternate routes and/or leave home early 
just in case of delays. Speeding is not the answer. Intersection Improvement is currently in progress at Summit Parkway and
Summit Ridge Drive. Earth Road has been resurfaced, which includes repairing the
huge pothole at the corner of Earth and Clemson.