Ridgeview Circle Homeowners Association

Violation Report Form



Mail, Fax or Deliver to:   

HOA, c/o MJS Inc. at 4910 Trenholm Road, Suite C, Columbia, S.C. 29206

Office hours: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday

Phone: (803) 743-0600

Fax: (803) 790-0340

Email: violations@mjsmgt.com

Before the violation/complaint will be processed, the violation form must be properly completed with all pertinent information provide and all required addresses and contact information supplied. The form must be delivered to the Association at the address listed above. Every effort will be made to keep the name of the reporting party confidential.



Reports of Violations of the Declaration and Regulations:

If you are reporting a violation of the Declaration or regulations by another homeowner or several violations by homeowners in your community, you must provide the following information and complete a complaint form for each.  Complaints will only be reviewed if a complaint form is properly filed and includes the following.


  1. 1)            Property address, lot number and name of person who is not in compliance (if available).
  2. 2)            A full written description of the alleged violation.  (Example:  fence constructed without Board approval, dogs running loose or barking continuously, portable basketball goals not being stored out of sight, unsightly yards, etc.)
  3. 3)            Date that complaint was filed
  4. 4)            Contact information for the individual filing the report in case of further questions and to check on compliance.

When complaints or notices of violations are received from concerned or effected homeowners, they are examined to verify the validity of the violation (and, where necessary, someone is sent to investigate the complaint by visiting the property).  If, after this review, it is determined that there is a violation and that the Association should take action, the homeowner who is in violation is notified in writing that they are in violation and provided with a reasonable period in which to remedy the violation. (Normally any portions of the Declaration or Regulations that apply are attached to this correspondence.) 


If, after the period for compliance has expired, the homeowner has made no reasonable effort to comply, notice is sent that failure to comply will result in further action by the Association, which may include the involvement of the Association’s attorney. They are notified that the cost any action by the Association to assure compliance will, as set out in the Declaration, become their cost and that it will be added to the Association’s continuous lien on that owners lot.  The homeowner is also made aware of the fact that the Association is authorized by the Declaration, if it is determined by the Board of the Association to be prudent, to enter the property to remedy the violation or to bring a legal action to force their compliance and that all of the Association’s cost in these actions can and will be added to the Association’s lien on their lot/home as well. The Association will only take action of this nature when the Board of the Association determines that this type of action is appropriate and prudent.